My name is David, the visionary behind Freelanceaudiovisual.com. With a rich tapestry of experience spanning over two decades in the Audio Visual industry, my journey has taken me from the foundational task of loading trucks to the pinnacle role of Technical Director within a leading production company.

In my extensive travels, orchestrating AV shows across the globe, I’ve pinpointed a pressing challenge in the post-COVID era: the scarcity of skilled freelance AV technicians. The pandemic led many talented professionals to pivot away from the industry, creating a notable gap. This very challenge inspired the inception of Freelanceaudiovisual.com. Throughout my travels, I frequently encountered AV companies and vendors in search of proficient technicians for shows in various locales. This recurring query sparked a realization: the potential of my long-held domain, freelanceaudiovisual.com, to serve as a beacon for freelancers seeking opportunities within the AV landscape.

For over two decades, this domain has been a cornerstone of my career. Initially, a simple online resume with my photograph attracted significant attention, leading to myriad opportunities, including my current engagement with an international production company. This partnership alone has seen me amass over 150,000 miles annually, embarking on global adventures and filling two passports in the process.

However, I approach website development with the humility of a novice. While I have dabbled in various web programs, HTML, and CSS, and can navigate the creation of standard brochure-style websites, Freelanceaudiovisual.com is my most ambitious project to date. As an AV technician first and foremost, I acknowledge the site’s imperfections and envision a future where, with the industry’s support, I can collaborate with seasoned developers to refine and enhance this platform.

For now, Freelanceaudiovisual.com stands as a testament to my commitment to bridging the gap between AV technicians and opportunities, even as I continue to enrich its offerings. If you possess the web development skills and share my vision for a more connected AV community, I invite you to reach out through our contact page.

Thank you for your support as we embark on this journey to strengthen and unify the AV industry.

Warmest regards,


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